Our work

Lokarri, as social organization, analyzes and proposes, reports and provides opinion, claims and denounces, takes initiatives and mobilizes.


Its action in the Basque process of conflict resolution is based on two main pillars:

1) facilitation tasks on dialogue and communication between the Basque political parties and other institutions and social agents and

2) promoting direct citizen participation.


Regarding to the first, Lokarri engages with all stakeholders involved in achieving peace and proposes, analyzes, reports and participates with them in various initiatives. Also in recent years it has worked with several individuals and international institutions who have contributed to the Basque peace process in general and the dialogue between political parties in particular, being the clearest example the promotion of the International Conference on 17 October 2011.That conference brought together a significant group of international personalities and a wide representation of Basque political parties and social agents, being the basis for ETA to declare the end of their armed activity.

Regarding the promotion of citizen participation, Lokarri has developed citizen dialogue experiences, organizing local forums addressed to all Basque society. Their aim is to create meeting spaces  for different political sectors, trying to build bridges of dialogue and understanding that could generate a social stream that would encourage institutions and parties to address a constructive dialogue to overcome political differences.


To do this Lokarri has some stable participation tools, such as the Social Observatory of the peace process, the weblog, the website, social networks and a magazine called Haritu.


Recently, Lokarri has organized the Social Forum to promote the peace process, which brings together the international expertise and the citizens' contributions.